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  • Home " Create Design & Configure Your Site Manage Add & Manage Your Content Sell Add Products..." read more
  • Ratings & Reviews " Ratings & Reviews With the rise of eCommerce the face of retail has been changed forever. ‘Social..." read more
  • Import Model: News Topic " Introduction Importing News Topics allows you to upload an entire framework for your News Articles from a spreadsheet..." read more
  • Survey " Why Use Surveys? As an eCommerce retailer, the approval of your customers and site visitors is a crucial piece of your..." read more
  • Linking to Social Media " Social Media Linking Social Media is web based or mobile technology designed to facilitate the communication between..." read more
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"Coupons are used to allow your customers to receive discounts on products or shipping. Using coupons can help you to increase sales during a specific time period or to move inventory for a specific product, brand, or grouping of products. " read more


"The Shipping & Handling tab of your configuration allows you to control what shipping methods you offer, where you ship to, if you charge handling or if you offer will call pick up. " read more

Introduction to Importing

"The goal of importing is to add a lot of the data to your website quickly all at one time. This ability is amazing, but does take some basic knowledge of both excel and Web Shop Manager (WSM). It is important to first review the backend of the feature within WSM that you are trying to import data to. " read more

What is SEO?

"SEO, or search engine optimization, is the act of improving the overall visibility or web presence of a website (or page) in search engines such as Google. The goal is to have a specific page show up as high as possible in the organic search results in order to increase the chances of being seen. " read more