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WSMU Terms and Formatting


  • WSM Users – our clients
  • Customers – the end users, the people buying products or viewing a site
  • Hover – hover over something to see an additional menu
  • Click – is to take action
  • Site – referring to their website or store
  • Field  - anything that you fill out
  • Drop down - anything that has a drop down selection
  • Radio - a circle and will only allow for one selection
  • Checkbox - box, when clicked is setting soemthing to yes
  • Memo - field that allows more then one line of text to be viewed/entered.
  • Section - a grouping of form fields/dropdown/radio/checkbox



  • Bold  - anything that they are looking for on the page. i.e. field name, menu, buttons, section names
  • H2 - main headings
  • H4 - sub heading
  • Red Text - Used to emphasize something that can be a show stopper or something that could be missed