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Introduction to Importing

Introduction to Importing

The goal of importing is to add a lot of the data to your website quickly all at one time. This ability is amazing, but does take some basic knowledge of both excel and Web Shop Manager (WSM). It is important to first review the backend of the feature within WSM that you are trying to import data to. For example, it is best to have a brief understanding of Products prior to learning how to import products. 


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What Is Importing?

Importing is the process for electronically adding data to the database that supports your WSM site. For example, rather than adding locations of your dealers, you can import a list of dealers with their addresses, websites, and other contact information with the push of a button. Importing requires 3 basic items:

  1. A file with your data you want to add to your store.
  2. A CSV Profile in WSM that has the proper fields to match your file.
  3. Any supporting setup in your WSM site to allow for the proper connections or data importing. For example if you are importing attributes the group needs to be created in WSM first. This is explained in more detail later.

Why Import?

There are several reasons you may want to import data into your store. The most common is to load large amounts of data in a short amount of time. With certain data types, if you have a small enough set you may find it to be faster to add your data "manually" than to complete a CSV file and import. However, there is certainly a point in which your data set becomes large enough that importing is much quicker! 

Along with populating a site, there other times in which you will find importing useful such as, updating prices, updating images, updating content, adding meta information, add new lines of products and updating your calendar, just to name a few!

What Can Be Imported

The remanider of this WSMU section is dedicated to eductaing you on how to import all types of data into your site. Below is a list of everything that can be imported at this time...